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We help brands to develop their full potential

  • Discover

    Finding what makes a brand different, relevenat and bring value to its audiences.
  • Transform

    Making the brand a promoter of inward change and a generator of outward experiences.
  • Become

    We develop all the brand's potential and help ensure that its value continues to increase over time.

Empowering brands

We support our clients throughout the brand building process

The centre of any brand is its purpose and its identity. Getting its definition and its communication right will mark its future. But building a successful brand goes way beyond that. It is an ongoing process and requires coordinated integrated management in all communication areas and points of contact with its audiences.

SUMMA has the necessary resources and experience to support our clients throughout this process, providing inspiration and delivery capability at all times to align all points of contact with the brand and generate rich, meaningful experiences for their customers.


Our work has been recognised with a number of awards both nationally and internationally, such as Spain’s National Design Award, the City of Barcelona Award, several Laus Awards and the London Design Week Award, among others. Accomplishments about which we feel a great sense of pleasure and pride.


But what really motivates us is providing value for our clients. Helping them grow their businesses, increase and strengthen the connections with their audiences, showcase that which sets them apart from the crowd, communicate their ideas … and, ultimately, build strong brands with longevity. We would therefore like to thank them for their trust and endorsement.