The renewal of a brand

With more than two centuries of tradition, the Osborne Group is responsible for selecting, producing and bringing premium food and drink products to consumers all over the world. The Iberian products division produces the best 100% Ibérico acorn-fed ham in its cellars in Jabugo. And it does so, among other brands, under the Sánchez Romero Carvajal brand.

To empower the brand, achieve repositioning in the gourmet market and update the aesthetic codes, at Summa we carried out a global project that included the brand's strategic definition, architecture and repositioning, which paved the way for a new visual identity. A Bronze-winning entry in the Pentawards 2021.

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Recovering its essence

Together with the Osborne team, we explored the brand's roots and history, as well as its differentiating attributes, to define a new positioning. We discovered that to obtain an authentic 100% original Ibérico acorn-fed ham requires protecting the purity of the breed, carrying out artisan processes passed down from father to son and raising animals in freedom in their natural habitat, the Jabugo pastures.

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But if Sánchez Romero Carvajal has learned anything in its more than 140-year history, it is that the main thing is a question of DNA. Something that deserved a brand story to match. A new positioning was defined and also a claim capable of summarising this singularity of the brand: “Unchanging essence”.

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The keeper of the essences

To reflect the new territory of the brand and achieve differentiation in its sector, we also matured the project at a graphic level until we found the creative route capable of recovering the brand essence. We started with certain inducers typical of Sánchez Romero Carvajal, such as origin, flavour, Jabugo, land, balance, essences and modern tradition to 'draw' the DNA of the new one: a keeper and master of the essences and of our land.

We brought it to life by personifying it in an element that was both iconic and disruptive: a pig that we dignify and turn into the symbol of this knowledge (monocle) and quality (bow tie). Given the complexity of the printing techniques required for the product (including embroidery), we worked on two versions of the logo: an original one with much more detail and a simplified one.

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Visual balance

Colour was another central element of the project. Green, associated with nature and the tradition of the sector, was maintained, but complemented with a bright chromatic palette that gave the packaging a modern, contemporary look, and that can be adapted to any medium needed.

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We completed the identity with fine illustrations of holm oak leaves and acorns, two inherent elements of the product. The selection of the corporate typeface also posed a challenge due to the length of the brand text, Sánchez Romero Carvajal. To solve this problem, we worked in a more condensed typeface, using capital letters to improve readability

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A Bronze Pentaward

In short, a new brand image and packaging design capable of recovering the unalterable essence of an emblematic brand. A Bronze-winning project at the Pentawards 2021.

En definitiva, una nueva imagen de marca y un diseño de packaging capaces de recuperar la esencia inalterable de una marca emblemática. Un proyecto ganador de un Bronce en los Premios Pentawards 2021.

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