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About us > For better and for worse, in Madrid, the design is more crazy

For better and for worse, in Madrid, the design is more crazy

The Catalan company Summa is one of the two winners of the National Design Award. Takes 20 years in Barcelona and 10 in the capital

One of the last works of Conrad Llorens and Josep Maria Mir, Advisor delegate and director creative of Summa, has been the redesign of the logo of them two channels of TVE. But the company has been already 20 years operating in Barcelona with them both at the front and because of his career just winning one of the two awards of the national award for design 2008, in the category of designers.

STUA, company Basque of design of furniture, has been the winner of the category company. Llorens and Mir began in Catalonia, but made nine years opened another office in the capital Madrid. “At that time Madrid lived a boost in the design world, there were several important creators who activated the sector and, little by little, dragged to the institutions,” explains Llorens. The situation in the city Barcelona is almost the contrary, indicates Mir: “in Barcelona the design is a will, the own consistory it promotes in all them areas”.

The Catalan capital, in addition, is “conditioned by tradition”, reflecting Mir, “everything is an evolution and certain guidelines”. In Madrid, on the other hand, not there is that conditioning prior, by that “all is more crazy”. No more avant-garde, not better or worse, but more “crazy”.

Despite this perception, the two award-winning coincide in that them “projects complex and global” is found in the capital Madrid. For this reason they decided to settle also in this city ten years ago.

Source: El Periódico de Catalunya

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