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About us > Llorens emphasizes the brand as a main asset of a company

Llorens emphasizes the brand as a main asset of a company

“In a world full of references commercial, of saturation of messages advertising and in which the client each time is more demanding, the brand is the main active of a company” said yesterday Conrad Llorens, Advisor delegate of SUMMA, consulting of creation and management of brands.

Llorens participated in the breakfast economic that organizes monthly in Badalona the company Urbis in collaboration with THE NEWSPAPER. “Sectors such as the of the automobile, the banking and the textile have products almost equal;” “that them difference is the brand and what represents” said the rapporteur. Before, to invent a brand we needed much time and money; now, there are companies that just invest in advertising-Zara-“but innovate and challenge the rules of the market”.

Llorens said that to create a brand it has have a unique idea, find a good logo and own style, not to mention meet the tooth, since consumers prefer to pay a little more for a product that will give you greater guarantees.


Source: El Periódico de Catalunya

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