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The brand is the main source of value creation for the company

Barcelona March 15, 2003

Conrad Llorens is one of the introducers in Spain of the branding, designated concept to refer to management of the brand. Under your address, Summa, consulting of branding specialized in the creation and management of brands, has given life to brands as Auna, Applus or Pans & Company and has “reinvented” others as Esade, planet or Inditex

What is branding?

It is the creation and management of the meanings which give life and personality to a brand and that accompany it throughout its existence. With the importance, that they have been taking brands in recent years, approximately a decade – although much less, in Spain – appeared a few specific techniques for dealing with the creation and brand management. These are based on the understanding of what represent the meanings of a brand, that goes beyond what a product.

Branding understands the brand as an engine of meanings and gives this engine of the necessary resources so that it operates and contribute value. Today marks must be able to show their identity from the first moment, with efficiency and economy of effort, keeping the maximum formal and conceptual coherence in all its manifestations and throughout its existence. Marketing is responsible for products, the branding of marks.

How does a brand form?

Is the result of a set of perceptions that, by accumulation, set up a give you rminadaopinion or valuation in the mind of the consumer. This opinion is the result of the experience that this obtains a product or a company in interaction with all their points of contact: the product itself, communication, installations, interactive environments, personal… in addition to the values that each person has faced a situation or particular offer, the opinion that certain people in their environment and the media to transmit you this brand , and what they think of the people that it uses.


What phases includes the process of creating a brand?

The methodology of Summa considers four: definition, creation, management and internalization. The first of them is a phase strategic, definition of what a brand wants to be and wants to share with their customers. It is the definition of an ideology, a DNA, an essence, what makes it different from a brand from its competitors, relevant to our customers and it is legitimate, credible, demonstrable and sustainable over time.

What happens, in the cases of brand reinvention, if what the company wants to convey that brand does not match the perception that customers have of it?

Whenever there is a process of reinvention of a brand, the first thing is to know how it is being perceived. When is is of a brand already established, its territories already are defined, the brand already has left a footprint, and is can reset, but not change of a day for another what the people believes of she. Because advertising is what companies want to appear to be and the brand is what they really are.

Our obligation as responsible of the success of a brand is be very skeptical. Ask how they will demonstrate what the brand promises, in which phases of the value creation chain is going to be visible, which products are going to launch that they reinforce that promise… If really all these questions do not have response, our recommendation will be that not go by that road. Is one of our main roles: make that the strategies of brand are feasible. that respond to realities. Us this stage what we are doing is psychoanalysis to the company, dissect the competence and scan customers. We put the company on the couch and make them to tell us how they see themselves, what they want to do with your project… and we will analyze if that makes sense or not from the point of view of the brand, if it is coherent and sustainable and we will define the strategy to move from the current perception to the desired. If the public is willing to admit it and the company has credibility pure flag that position.

The second stage…

The creation of verbal, Visual and structural signs is that the company will express these meanings in the first instance. As verbal understand the own name, the visual more important is the set of signs and resources graphic of the identity corporate, and them structural is refer to the architecture of brand, that is of the way in how is structure the portfolio of brands of a company and how is relate these between itself. The brand has these three vehicles to express what is in essence. A success with these tools can save a lot.


Source: Staff Empresarial

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