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La identidad corporativa es un problema estratégico para la empresa

With brand as Center of activity, and from a multidisciplinary analysis of communication in the company, barcelonesa consultant Summa has made innovation and adaptation to the company two of their main distinguishing features. As says Conrad Llorens, director general and soul of the office, all in Summa is “intended to get the best perception public” of them marks of their customers, some so illustrious as Pans & Company, Nike, AOL or the chain Love Store.

I have a very good product, to what I want a brand?

A good product today not is, in absolute, warranty of success in the market, because those attributes traditional of price, distribution… are factors that have, but the factor decisive is that the consumer prefers this product to another.

The power of the brand is that it is one of the main criteria of judgement for the consumer when it comes to distinguish what products are better than others. The brand is which provides a number of features to the consumer about this product. In general. all are capable of imagine what products there are behind certain brands that have known communicate us their values, and them ideas concerning how have of do their work.

However, many companies have serious problems at the time of developing a brand image …

What used to happen is that there is a lack of planning in this regard. Brand image is something to study better, and unfortunately often improvise more than what was due. There is, also, a problem tactical that tends to be consequence of the previous and is that define a brand of product or of company is a problem strategic, to which there is that dedicate time and resources, because is one of them themes more important that exist in a company.

When talk of brands or of identity corporate arises the problem of that many times is understands as an expression visual, when truly is is of what there is of distinctive and relevant behind a company, that that it makes as is, different to them others: their values, their beliefs, their history, their products…

Does the role of the personal inner of a company to make a communication plan reliable?

Of course, the identity is the responsibility of the hierarchy highest of the company, but it is a project that will not work never if you do not count with the support and the involvement of staff in this identity project. No identity will be credible if the staff are not the endorsed and transmits it to the outside with force.

Has changed Internet many schemes in the communication corporate?

Internet is a stage the sufficiently different thing from what there are the economic relations offline like so that it is necessary to treat so much this topic of the corporate image like many others with many especificidad.

The same is not the traditional marketing that that of Internet, and naturally, is not the same to create marks for Internet than for other companies. The processes, the bases and the methodology of what is the profession yes that there are the same, but, nevertheless, the way offers a few possibilities, and simultaneously a few challenges and a few conditions, which do that these processes of search of mark in Internet are perceptibly different from what is to create a mark for other.

In a company of Internet, the name is one of its banner of identity, but also it is its direction, the way in which you are going to be able to find it, and, sometimes, it is the nameof the product that they offer. Also, in Internet, it happens that of some form the user interacts with the service, which is shown purely by a virtual language. The proper product is visual.

Do the development of the image of EresMas meant a turning point?

In silt sense. Yes. We decided that it was the first time that the identity of a company would be versatile, that you put many logos and different fonts. This responds to the AOL product, is the first that can promise interactivity and adaptation to the circumstances of each moment and each user. But just because the medium leads to those possibilities.

Have affected how Summa, changes in the system of media?

We have had the luck of being in many of those moments. We have participated in a series of products that by their novelty demanded us an effort of understanding of its importance and adaptation of the company to its characteristics

Source: Staff Empresarial

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