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La Caixa wants to invest judiciously

Criteria Caixa Corp, the corporate identity of the holding company which will debut on stock exchange, meant to convey that he will be an investment with “sense, reflection and experience

The name of the new group of companies owned by La Caixa, which bag will soon go through a capital increase, has been elected thoroughly. Criteria Caixa Corp tries to suggest management of sustainable value to long term, the result of reflection and experience, that ensures the growth of investments of the holding company.

Brand Criteria comes from the Greek word Kriterion, which joined Caixa Corp (coming from corporation), combines thoughtful analysis with the prestige of the caja de ahorros, whose corporate identity is known internationally.

Other firms of the group as Caixa Renting and Caixa Leasing used this same root for reasons of prestige. “The name chosen aims to achieve a balance between these two complementary concepts. “Have dear highlight that will be a value upward, meditated and with a risk controlled”, explains Conrad llorens, partner founder and Adviser delegate of Summa, it consultant responsible of create it teaches “the new signature suggests that guide them investments with criterion and sense”, adds the expert in branding. The name is a phonetic and a morphology clear, that facilitate its pronunciation in any language. “After a long process of selection, chose seven or eight names viable for register the brand, each which with a positioning strategic, because a name not can summarize all them values that there is behind a company”, says Llorens.


In his view, the trend following brands already does not describe what makes a company, but how does it and what is your vision of the market. “The names tend to be evocative, rather than descriptive,” says the Director of Summa, which has created identities as Auna, Pans & Company and Applus, besides managing brands for companies such as Inditex, BBVA, Renfe, Abertis, and Sogecable, among others.

The logo of Criteria Caixa Corp includes the star of the painter Joan looked at, that went to form part of the box of savings in 1980. “When this symbol was incorporated into the entity, was a real shock in the financial world, whose corporate image was very conservative,” said Llorens.

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