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The Agency's management of brands SUMMA starts the expansion international

The Agency of management of brand Summa has since launched a plan of growth that covers the launch of new services and the expansion international.

The company has signed agreements with the Greek consulting company McVictor and the Colombian Corporate Alliance. About this initiative, Conrad Llorens, Managing Director of Summa, says: “McVictor allows us to position ourselves in Greece, which today is also an important centre of influence towards the Balkan Europe, while Corporate, with offices in Colombia and Argentina and influence in countries such as Peru, Mexico and Ecuador opens the entrance to the Latin American market.”

In addition to the presence and positioning markets Latin America and southern Europe – he adds-, these alliances allow joint exploitation of synergies and business opportunities, as well as the introduction of the new services developed by us.” With respect to these services, the Agency has launched two innovative brand management tools. The first, called Agorabrand, consists in a set of technical that enhance the identification of the personal of the company with the brand. “He objective is get that the proposition of value of the brand is convert in the source of inspiration of the behavior corporate and of the takes of decisions to all them levels”; Describes Llorens. “In this sense, one of the major challenges facing companies today is to be able to create a culture based on the mark and that it is shared by each and every one of the people who make up the Organization”; emphasizes.

The second, with the name of Identia, serves for the analysis and detailed monitoring of all elements and media of expression of corporate identity, giving updated information of the total inventory of elements, characteristics and associated costs, suppliers, location, dates and other relevant information. “It’s a tool that facilitates the management, allows you to save costs and increase efficiency and productivity in the management of corporate identity, especially in large companies;” ensures the CEO.

As upcoming projects, Summa plans to boost its relationship with strategic customers and extend their penetration into the Spanish market. For this year, expected to achieve a turnover of three million euros and for the next five years estimated to achieve a 25% annual growth rate.

Source: Cinco Días

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