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Graphics to ' dress up ' to the company

A cocktail bar with aspirations of local cult, a hungry autonomous community of tourism or a small but restive industry or services firm. All these organizations are hiring today the know make of them studies of design and of them consultants of marks, in the society of consumption of today, already not only them multinational is endow of a logo and of a brand with hook visual.


In Catalonia, around 5,000 professionals (out of a total of 20,000 in all Spain) are dedicated to graphic design, a discipline in the past very linked to the publishing industry but today more than ever is serving the image of businesses and institutions. We are talking about a Guild in expansion, given the growing demand for these services among small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and the urgency of the largest by differentiate itself in an increasingly competitive market.

According to Barcelona Centre of design (BCD), Foundation that promotes the design between the entrepreneurship, the sector is young: six of every 10 companies Catalan of graphics-operating near 900 societies-have less than a decade of history.

The sales of this industry beyond the remarkable amount of them 300 million of euros to the year. It is a turnover that will grow long as the Catalan companies acquire the appreciation which have economies by visual communication as the Dutch. The Netherlands triple the product inside gross (GDP) catalan, but count with six times more professional of the design graphic (a total of 27.400. According to the Foundation Dutch of design Premsela). The design in the broadest sense – from the seat of the lobby of a hotel into the forms of an iron – generates a value of 2.942 million euros annually in Catalonia, according to the BCD.

Them entrepreneurs and executives of the sector of the design graphics for companies say be optimistic. “The only but is there a Jolt when in a sector, the cost of the graphic image tends to interpret as an expenditure and not an investment, says Caries Catalan, Dean of the Colegi de Disseny Gratic de Catalunya, which was launched in January. To eradicate this mindset, the BCD has started this year the Exid programme. «We have already organised workshops for sectors of the furniture and the lighting, wines and cavas and machinery», explains Isabel Roig, Director of the Foundation.One of them large pioneers of the collective of graphic designers in Catalunya is the Argentine America Sanchez, that designed the poster of the last parties of l.a Merce (controversial, because the main element graphic is a former photography of an anonymous mulatto). Sanchez gave birth in 1967 the branding of catalan manufacturer of Vieta speakers with the zeal with which this type of work is done today. On that custom says that «it has adopted a holistic perspective». In other words, the visual identity must respond to the personality of the brand and be able to apply with agility in all types of media: either an invoice, a business card or a uniform.

Sanchez, of 66 years, vsigue to the foot of the Canyon. His latest works include the signals of the Forum de les Cultures and Moritz beers container. More Bohemian that businessman, only has with a helper and not has followed the road of others colleagues of Guild, as Javier Mariscal. He study of the father of Cobi in Poble Nou employs to 40 people, that not only is handled in the graphics but also in other disciplines as the web pages or the decoration (environments as hotels and restaurants). “We work on the image of the companies since the beginning,” say its makers.

In addition to the professionals of graphic design (whether freelancers or studios), other traditional players in the sector are advertising agencies. Many of them have created departments of design to offer a service over wide to their teeth. Lesser-known companies in the sector are the specialized consultants, who are gaining a niche in the Spanish market. They say go beyond design. «Draw a logo not equivalent to create a brand.» The brand above all, that its management depends directly on the management team. explains Conrad Llorens, Managing Director and founding partner of Summa. This consultant of brands has created the image of signs like Pans & Company, Applus, Inditex.


Summa, of capital Spanish, competes with subsidiaries of multinationals as WolffOlins, that redesigned the logo of Movistar given to know this spring. We refer to the three-dimensional eme which, according to their gestadores. transmits proximity and express a new role of the mobile more linked to the entertainment. «In Spain brand is synonymous of logo»; says Valerie Van den Bossche, Director general of the subsidiary Spanish. Wolff Olins, with office in Barcelona, has worked for Unilever – redesigned in 2004 its famous U. General Motors and British Telecom, to cities such as New York and London, and to the World Gold Council, which brings together the gold mining companies. and that he wanted to improve the battered image of the brand of the precious metal in the world.

Source: El Periódico de Catalunya

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