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About us > Although you have a white brand give him a distinction touch

Although you have a white brand give him a distinction touch

In the age of brands, Conrad Llorens, Managing Director of the consulting firm SUMMA, understands that “branding will continue towards specialization; “i.e., more autonomous with respect to other areas nearby, as the marketing”. Certainly he says, “it’s an unstoppable process”.


“Is therefore key and mandatory for the companies, because the companies, from now on, should think of branding as a key communication tool”, added Gonzalo Brujó, CEO of Interbrand in Spain. “The companies will have that restructure, have that organize is and have that think and be central of brands.” Just as there is a director of human resources, also be brand leaders”, explains Brujo, which converses with Llorens on the future of brands in an encounter with La GAZETA.

Conrad Llorens (C.Ll.):  

Before I thought the brand as a theme at the end of the process, but mark is the principle and hence derived products.

Gonzalo Brujó (G.B.): It must be so, because all the communication tools and all the opportunities to communicate should be integrated: gives the same as branding, advertising, public relations, marketing or crisis. The branding is the DNA strategic of the brand.


C.Ll.: And the branding, the brand corporate, more than to the marketing. One of the main transmitters of a brand is the personal, that already not falls in the responsibility of marketing but of resources human. It must therefore have a transversal vision that is R & D, human resources, marketing and all functional areas. Now it speaks of “advantages competitive emotional”.

How are these advantages constructed?

C.Ll.: More than emotional benefits are competitive advantages through the emotion. Are competitive advantages financial and real, which is what matters. What happens is that are achieved through the emotion, because the marks have this possibility to awaken the senses and influence through the emotion.

G.B.: For this, is mandatory integrate those benefits meeting the expectations of the consumer. If not deliveries benefits, it marks, by very emotional that is, not you going to operate, because not going to have a back back. You have to differentiate yourself either way, be unique in every aspect and turn or turn thinking twice. And, above all, must be credible.

C.Ll.: The emotional benefits, are increasingly more weight because the functional are almost identical. Moreover, it is not so important what you do but how do you and who you are today. All part of the consistency of the brand.

G.B.: Customer gets tired of seeing every day your mark, but that does not mean that the client has seen her. Must have a 70% of consistency and a 30% of innovation on that consistency to the brand evolves.

C.Ll.: A brand is a promise and an experience. You have to know what you can expect from that brand and that brand can not disappoint. At the time when that which you promised yesterday, tomorrow already it is not giving it you, your preference going to limit it.

G.B.: And, in fact, to build a brand consistent is vital the architecture of mark, that has be clean, intuitive and clear. In mergers, many brand architectures are designed in, what will say the company, which I have purchased from the company, which I’ve associated. And are not thinking about what the consumer thinks. Therefore, companies should make sure create synergies among its brands, take advantage of the positive attributes of all the brands that you lead, and step, think about the consumer.

C.Ll.: Obviously, in the architecture of mark there is a strategic component that has to do with rationality, efficiency or cost. But the decisions should be based on the interests of the consumer, who is who.

G.B.: Also, today, those brands have that thinking from the point of view global. The competition asks: you can not hold on to your market. Even if you have a very global brand, you have to think in a few messages to measure. That’s the secret: flexibility between the global and local.

C.Ll.: Not in vain, even if a brand has in plans to be international, your competition is global, because the possibilities of choice are global. And doors inside, what is for the company to get its employees to live the brand?

G.B.: Employees are the brand ambassadors. Before launching a product, make sure that the employees are participants and that they are part of the new strategy. His behavior has to be in line with the mark.

C.Ll.: Of course, any brand can succeed if not convinced before their employees.

G.B.: In fact, today, such is the competitiveness, that the mark will lead you to have better human capital, which in turn will result in better benefits, better implementation and further innovation.

C.Ll.: Talent prefers to work with marks strong, not bland. When a director of resources human seeks a candidate, must inspire is in what are their values and attributes of marks, and must find a profile of person that is setting with them. And if the company maintains its consistency, its customers will continue to be with her.

G.B.: But, also, the price also can capture the perception of the value. That’s why, you must raise the perception of your mark and give him this touch more premium or of distinction, so that the consumer feels more special and exclusive, although it is a white mark.

Source: La Gaceta

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