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We are a multidisciplinary team who share numerous common values, benefit from a thousand different ways of thinking and come together with a single, unified vision of branding.

We are rational when it comes to the objective analysis of data but we also tune into the people and the human side of the brands we work with. We know how to listen and also have a sense for what is behind the words. We are able to focus without losing sight of what is going on around us. Because we have the training, the exactitude, the skill and the professionalism and, above all, the enthusiasm and drive to do what we do as effectively as possible.

Some of us like to use spreadsheets, mobile phones and frequently get together in groups. Others need focus, excelling in methodology and exactitude. And others, a space with lots of light and some great tunes in which to share inspiration and further spark our creativity.

And we all play our part.

Conrad Llorens


Victor Mirabet

Vice president

Jordi Mateu

Managing Director

Josep Maria Mir

Executive Creative Director

Francisco Samas

Madrid Business Director

María José Amich

Portugal Director

Jesús Gil

BrandCenter Business Director

Aleix Gabarre

Head of Consulting

Pablo Amade

Creative Director

Roderic Molins

Creative Director

Lola Sánchez

IT Director

Silvia Abad

Admin. and Finance Director

Joan Mendoza

Client Director

Susanna Rueda

Senior Consultant

Lionel Vacle

Client Director

Judit Salvadó

Client Director

Angi Rodríguez

Client Director

Laura Ródenas

Senior Consultant

Emma Rafecas

Client Director

Irene Mallafré

Digital Art Director

Mireia Molas

Client Director

Sara Murteira

Project Manager

Jorge Sánchez

IT Coordinator and Head of Systems

Mario Montaner


Cristina Carbajales

Senior Designer

Sebastián Negrín

Senior Designer

Laia Lombao


Andreu Ferrer


Jesús Hernández


Samuel Flores

Programmer Analyst

Rodrigo Heredia


Miquel Dalmau


Alberto González

Programmer Analyst

Elena López


Maria León

Creative Strategist

Miriam Fernandez

Programmer Analyst

Laura Navarro


Silvia Onieva

Madrid Office Secretary