Extension of an idea


The incorporation of Huesitos and Tokke into the Valor chocolates portfolio called for a change in the strategic positioning of the brand, which, until then, had been aimed at an adult audience, defining a new one that was also relevant to a younger audience, while also remaining faithful to the brand’s DNA. In short, we needed to help the company evolve towards an amplified brand idea that could better support all its product lines and add strength in terms of communication.

The joy of sharing

In order to connect the brand with its new audiences without losing engagement with its existing customer base our vision was to anchor Chocolates Valor in a territory in which, as identified during our research process, it already had legitimate ownership: enjoyment. But a new concept of enjoyment, not based on individual or sensory pleasure, but on the idea of enjoying the everyday moments that make us happy and sharing them with our loved ones.

Logotipo Valor, antes y después del rediseño
Valor, el placer es mejor compartido

“Because according to what pleasures are more intense if you can share them. ”

The same essence but more current

Taking some of the distinctive features of the original logo and retaining the colour palette, we designed a new visual identity that principally featured greater typographical simplicity along with the oval already in existence, removing any decorative elements to communicate greater naturalness and approachability.

Construcción tipográfica del logotipo de VALOR
Valor chocolate con avellanas lila
valor chocolate zero azucares
Valor chocolate postres

Squares of pleasure

The new packs featured a number of key visuals characteristic of the brand, for example, the diagonals and photographic representations of the ingredients, but also included new elements that provided a sense of naturalness, authenticity and warmth. The chocolate square takes on a prominent role as a distinctive and differentiating feature pertaining to Chocolates Valor.



The new identity had to have a strong, distinctive personality which made it immediately recognisable. So it was decided to move the brand away from the medical-scientific territory in which it was positioned, aligning it with more approachable and current territories, such as fashion and new trends.

Valor gif chocolate packaging
Valor gif chocolate packaging
valor bodegon chocolate
Chocolate Valor
Valor chocolate gif

Vídeo no realizado por Summa.

Valor merchandising
Valor hoja de plata
valor tarjeta

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