United under a new brand

In line with the Gallina Blanca Star Group strategy to increase its international presence, the need for the creation of a new corporate brand arose with the aim of offering a unique vision, promoting a common internal culture and uniting the different brands that formed this company with its more 1,600 employees worldwide.

manos unidas
diseño propuestas GB foods
propuestas diseño GB Foods
gente comiendo en la mesa
logo GB Foods
logo GB foods negativo
sistema visual gb foods
sistema visual gb foods
sistema visual gb foods

A naming inspired by its roots

In line with the new brand’s international presence we needed to generate a name that was not only global but would also be easy to pronounce, was short and memorable.

But the real challenge was to create a new brand without losing the value corresponding to the company’s extensive experience and history. So we decided to create a name using the initials of the longest-running brand in the group, Gallina Blanca, along with the main element of their activity, food.

Diseño piezas GB Foods
papelería GB Foods

Solid but dynamic


We wanted to build an identity and a visual system that would transmit stability, unity and strength, as well as dynamism and modernity. To that end, we designed a logo through the combination of two words with a different size, colour and arrangement, which formed a unique and cohesive element. In terms of colour, we went for orange as the protagonist, which we associate with happiness, creativity and healthy eating.

Tablet GB Foods
sistema visual GB Foods
Web GB Foods mobil
Web GB Foods
amigos comiendo yakisona GB Foods
hombre mirando notas con portátil y manzana
señales salas oficinas GB foods
iconos GB foods
corporeo oficina gb foods

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