Future progression based on core principles

With a history that dates back over more than 60 years, Filmax is an undisputed leader in the world of cinema. Having come through several crises and reinvented itself, the Spanish film production and distribution company was in need of a brand narrative that


showcased its qualities and boosted its projection potential. Our task was to update the brand’s image based on Filmax’s signature DNA that had made it such a recognizable part of the collective subconscious.


Dreaming is for the brave

We worked together with the Filmax management team to identify the brand’s core principles: we listened, looked back at the company’s journey up to that point and analyzed its core values to define a strategy and story based on its history, which would strengthen its market position and differentiate it from the competition.

We condensed those core principles into the concept 'Dreaming is for the Brave.' A concept that highlights Filmax's long-standing commitment to Spanish film which predates any other company, reflecting both the distribution company’s past and future, and which can be applied to each of the interest groups in the world of film.


The brand signature of the brave

We used this narrative and brand concept as a basis for the design of the new Filmax visual identity. The new logo maintains the calligraphic style which is so strongly identified with the brand, but evokes a stronger sense of personality and offers greater applicability, particularly when it comes to digital media.
As you would with a personal signature, we worked together with typographers and graphologists so that

the script developed for the new logo reflected the personality traits outlined for Filmax: the inclination to the right, the ascending baseline, the clean edges, the contrast, the cursive structure and the curved forms reflect the company’s tenacious, brave, passionate, authentic, optimistic and expert characteristics and form the ultimate model for communicating its values.



We worked together with graphologists so that the new logo reflected the personality traits of Filmax


The colour of film

Filmax is a name that is synonymous with film, which is why we worked with the industry’s basic colours. The new visual identity is expressed in black and white and focuses on the brand signature, dispensing with other symbols

such as the tricolour ball. Silver is added to the black and white colour palette due to its corporate characteristic and ability to emit light, another aspect of the medium.

posters creditos

The tightrope walker who pursues his dreams

If there is one ever-present element within a film production or distribution company’s brand identity, it is the animated segment we see in the cinema, that flickers out at us as we sit in the dark, expectantly awaiting a story. A unique opportunity to communicate the strategic concept. The figure of a tightrope walker represents

the ideal vehicle for conveying the brand’s new story. Thus, the video depicts a tightrope walker making his way across a high wire suspended between two buildings, as a metaphor for the courage inherent to film protagonists. We called on the services of the Diestro animation studio for the 3D production.


A musical tribute

Particular prominence was given to the music which accompanies the animated piece. Created by the Spanish composer and winner of two Goya Awards, Lucas Vidal, it is an updated version of the iconic Filmax tune.

As such, it maintains the essence and values on which the company is founded, while building on the new brand experience.


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