Cooltra, broadening horizons

When the company’s co-founder and CEO Timo Buetefisch had to leave his scooter in the shop, he realised there was no daily scooter rental service in Barcelona. Which is why he decided to create a company to respond to this need. Today, Cooltra has a fleet of 16,000 scooters, more than 600 bicycles and 400 professionals spread over six countries.

Cooltra leads the way in two-wheel sustainable mobility, offering scooter rental by the minute, day and month to individuals, companies and public administrations, and tops the list in terms of market share and number of journeys. However, it needed to give its brand a new boost, which is where Summa came in.

Co-creation and collaboration

The project was carried out jointly by the Summa and Cooltra teams at the strategic and creative levels, through co-creation workshops and collaborative work. Together, we analysed the future of the sector, the market trends and consumer insights to define the brand’s strategic platform – purpose, pillars, personality, archetype and regions.


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Facilitating freedom

Freedom of movement – a key insight for the target and also part of Cooltra’s DNA – is the basis for the new brand purpose, namely “broadening horizons”. And authentic purpose that reflects the essence of Cooltra.


The strategic work also dealt with Cooltra’s position as a unique brand, to implement changes both internally and externally.

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Mobilising key concepts

After laying the strategic foundations, we joined together through creative workshops to explore possible conceptual routes, using mood boards and graphic resources, rankings, and debate, and Q&A exercises to help investigate different paths.


Finally, the Cooltra design team hit on the winning formula, which is based on three key brand values – convenience, direction and sustainability. The new logo is symbol that comes together with a new and flexible visual language.

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