Cesce, reaching new heights

With a track record spanning more than 50 years, Cesce is the head of a group of companies that offers integral solutions for the management of commercial credit in part of Europe and Latin America, as well as being the Spanish Export Credit Agency (ECA), which manages export credit insurance in Spain on behalf of the State.

In accordance with its new Strategic Plan, and after an internal and external brand audit, we launched a global project to develop the full potential of the Cesce brand: we defined a brand strategy that has allowed Cesce to strengthen its positioning and highlight its standout qualities and unique capabilities; we overhauled all aspects of the brand identity; we organised the portfolio of brand products and subsidiaries and activated the brand both internally and externally.


Ensuring your success

After examining its experience and needs, we defined Cesce’s new purpose: "Promoting the success of all companies", moving it beyond the condition of an insurance provider to become a partner that offers security to companies.

The claim "Ensuring your success"/"Securing your success" summarises this new purpose and spirit. The definition of the brand pillars and territories and the organisation of its portfolio have formed part of the process to strengthen the awareness of belonging to the group, enhance its values and generate synergies.

Detalle Etiqueta

A motivational step up

The brand concept guided us in the design of the new visual identity. The purpose of promoting the success of companies is visually symbolised in the form of a step – a lift up that brings Cesce’s clients closer to success.

Un escalón motivacional

Thanks to its rounded shapes, this graphic metaphor of the aspirational process reinforces Cesce’s personal, empathetic character, offering security and peace of mind.

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elementos cesce

A flexible space

By combining a set of graphic, typographic, photographic and illustrative elements, we created a rich visual system that makes Cesce easily recognisable and expresses its personality in all its points of contact, in a way that is both coherent and impactful.

Un espacio flexible

We designed a flexible space with adaptable frames for all types of content and a visual universe that conveys support, growth and security.

Ilustraciones cesce
Posters cesce
cards cesce

Together, success is assured

To ensure success, it was necessary to suitably communicate the new image and discourse to internal and external audiences. Therefore, the project included the activation of the brand in line with the defined strategy and according to the new brand identity, tone and style.

Juntos, él éxito está asegurado

From the inside out – starting with the internal organisation and its employees and agents, and projecting the new brand to all external audiences through a unique creative concept: "Together, success is assured"/"Together, success is secure". A concept that reflects both the desire for cooperation between the Group’s various employees and subsidiaries, and the will to work as a team with its clients.

Interno cesce
oficinas cesce

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