Growing together

After emerging stronger from the crisis, Banca March wanted to communicate its strength and project its strategy through its corporate identity and culture and therefore commissioned us to devise a comprehensive project aimed at developing its full potential as a brand and laying the foundations for increased growth.

The results shown here are the culmination of close team collaboration with the organisation. A process in which we were involved right from the concept of strategic platform and brand architecture, through to the creation of a new visual identity and its global implementation.

A leader in relationship banking

Banca March aspires to be a leader in its sector, building a relationship bank based on responsible, expert advice. The brand promise of ‘Growing Together’ represents an absolute commitment.

A commitment that is only possible because the interests of customers, employees and shareholders are aligned as a result of a unique business model that makes Banca March unique within the marketplace.

Closer to its customers

The new identity does away with upper case letters, providing a feeling of approachability and uses a typography characterised by clean and simple forms that was designed in 1929, but remains wholly relevant today, just like Banca March.

It also includes a symbol that refers to concepts such as balance, symmetry, harmony and precision, with three triangles that make up an ‘M’ and represents the alignment of interests between employees, customers and shareholders.

Change, both inside and out

The new identity goes beyond the logo and is expressed in a new elegant and recognisable visual style across all graphic, physical, audiovisual and interactive platforms.

We also implemented a comprehensive programme to align the entire organisation with the new brand strategy, working with all business areas through audits, workshops and the other in-house methodologies we employ when carrying out such processes.

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